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We are PROGS - your caring initiative advanced collaborative expert retention marketing team that brings you conversions, not just campaigns.
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Aiming For Excellence


PROGS is an email marketing agency that changes how email marketing is done globally.

Too many service providers who offer email marketing only leverage the simplest strategies & techniques used by hundreds of small businesses, bringing tangible results but never reaching the full potential of email.

PROGS is all about changing this by bringing a unique, custom approach to the channel that impacts results in the most positive way.

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What we can do for you

Email marketing management (on Klaviyo)
Messenger & SMS marketing management
One-time setups
Email marketing audits
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How We Get Results


Your results


Instead of blindly following a random marketing calendar, we analyze your performance on a regular basis to determine the optimal frequency, theme, and content of your next campaign and, thus, ensure your campaigns perform at their best.


While everybody else simply builds several sequences and then praises themselves on their great work, we stay critical and always keep testing & expanding your strategy.

SMS & Other

We work with additional warm audience channels like SMS and messenger marketing to get you even more sales than you could expect with our all-custom in-depth approach.

Allow Our Results to Speak...

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Our portfolio!

We have experience crafting engaging emails for various businesses – from fashion and supplements to pet stores and gardening brands. Take a look at our portfolio.

Our Portfolio

We have experience crafting engaging emails for various businesses – from fashion and supplements to pet stores and gardening brands. Take a look at our portfolio.

PROGS vs Other Agencies

Other Agencies

We make regular deep performance analyses on our clients’ accounts in order to come up with weekly improvements for the setup, eventually reaching stunning results, measured in the % of the attributed revenue from Klaviyo.


Most agencies out there like to apply the same strategy everywhere without taking into account the individual business and then letting it run as it is – no further improvements, no optimization, and no progress. Eventually, they show the generated revenue that may seem big but yet is not an outstanding % of the overall revenue.


The strategists at PROGS monitor the performance of your last campaigns and only then start planning the next few ones. Thus, we ensure stable open rates and excellent deliverability together with truly outstanding revenue results.


Other agencies usually create a yearly or quarterly “campaign calendar”, which is biased and not made with numbers in mind. The approach is inappropriate as it is not built with the goal of reaching ultimate performance and hides the risks of harming your deliverability.


To stick to our values and ensure high-quality work, we don’t hire unknown account strategists from freelance platforms but grow our own in-house talent and coach our people personally before handing them responsibility for your email marketing.


It is a common practice for most agencies to hire independent freelance contractors to do the work without actually being able to evaluate their competence properly. That way, their clients’ projects are at risk of being incorrectly executed, and they are “paying more for nothing.”

The Numbers

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The Steps We Go Through


Discovery Call

A call to discuss your current setup and any low-hanging fruits to be implemented right away. Answering any relevant questions. Discussing details about our process.


Account Review

With (at least) analyst access, we check your account to make an overview that points out all current strengths and points out our recommendations on what should be worked on in the next few weeks.


Initial Implementations

If we decide to move forward, the initial implementations will be started within the next few days to collect low-hanging fruits and/or eliminate any major setup problems you might have.


Starting our sustainable journey

After the most important points are covered, we will start aiming towards the high numbers (~40% contribution) and embark on our progressive optimization & campaign maintenance frameworks.


Exploring beyond email marketing

As time goes by, results grow, and we can also start working on other marketing channels to improve your results further.

Clients' Experience

What our clients say about PROGS

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Ryan Popoff

Owner of Popov Leather
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Dalton Holcombe

Marketing Manager at Farmers Defense

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