A Story
Of Progress

Every email marketing agency has its story. It usually begins with a small side hustle of one person and grows to become something larger and far-reaching. Read our story below and see how we can drive results for your business through email marketing.

“In the beginning, I didn’t want to have an agency. I used to work as a freelancer, serving small clients and helping other agencies. Growing and diving deeper into email marketing, I was becoming more and more disappointed by how most agencies do copy-paste work all the time while praising the (shallow) greatness of what they’ve done.

Realizing I am not able to change this alone, I decided to launch PROGS – an email marketing agency that specializes in high-level email marketing for eCommerce businesses.

Today, we are growing fast, yet maintaining a limited number of clients in order to preserve the excellent quality together with results our clients have always enjoyed.

In case you want to discuss a potential collaboration, please reach out to us using the contact page”

Mihail – Founder of PROGS

How We Get Results

We are on a mission to change how email marketing is done globally. Most businesses were, and still are, missing out on large amounts of potential revenue because their service provider relied on an email strategy for small businesses – not on one for THEIR business.

This is where PROGS comes in – we help such companies SUCCEED with email. Instead of copy-pasting the same templates over and over again, we dive into our clients’ overall individual needs & characteristics to craft the perfect email marketing solutions for them.

How We Work

Crafting your reliable autopilot sales generating machine.

Flows are sequences that are sent automatically once set up (we dive deep into explaining how they work, but let’s not do it here).

Our approach towards flows creates a fully automated system that guides your visitors throughout the whole customer journey and gets you more sales by boosting every single stage of the eCommerce marketing funnel.

Instead of just building a basic flow structure for our clients, PROGS finds a way to then expand this system by adding more emails to your most successful flows or creating new, more segmented ones that convert better & bring more revenue.

On an ongoing basis, we regularly conduct tests throughout the flows of our accounts to find out the best-performing email asset.

Let the competition run boring newsletters without results - we are here to bring revenue.

Campaigns/newsletters/broadcast emails – whatever you call them, they are essential for the success of your email marketing.

How do we do those differently? While most agencies stick to a random promo calendar that “looks good”, we prefer to make decisions regarding campaigns exclusively based on data and solid marketing principles.

The campaign theme, the segments, sending frequency, subjects – everything is hand-picked to get the most satisfying result overall, and if changes are needed, we are always there to spot the challenge and make the next relevant step.

PROGS vs Other Agencies


Other Agencies (90% Of Them)

We make regular deep performance analyses on our clients’ accounts in order to come up with weekly improvements for the setup, eventually reaching stunning results, measured in the % of the attributed revenue from Klaviyo.

Most agencies out there like to apply the same strategy everywhere without taking into account the individual business and then letting it run as it is – no further improvements, no optimization, and no progress. Eventually, they show the generated revenue that may seem big but yet is not an outstanding % of the overall revenue.

The strategists at PROGS monitor the performance of your last campaigns and only then start planning the next few ones. Thus, we ensure stable open rates and excellent deliverability together with truly outstanding revenue results.

Other agencies usually create a yearly or quarterly “campaign calendar”, which is biased and not made with numbers in mind. The approach is inappropriate as it is not built with the goal of reaching ultimate performance and hides the risks of harming your deliverability.

To stick to our values and ensure high-quality work, we don’t hire unknown account strategists from freelance platforms but grow our own in-house talent and coach our people personally before handing them responsibility for your email marketing.

It is a common practice for most agencies to hire independent freelance contractors to do the work without actually being able to evaluate their competence properly. That way, their clients’ projects are at risk of being incorrectly executed, and they are “paying more for nothing.”

The Numbers

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