Epoxy Resin Store:

How we upgraded a DYI brand making from $24k/month to $56k/month from email!

It’s always great to have the basics, but to reach ultimate heights with email, you need more than just a basic setup in Klaviyo. Segmenting your flows, testing new email versions, and most importantly – sending campaigns regulatory is the real key to scaling your email game to high numbers.

This was the case with the Epoxy Resin Store – a beloved DYI product brand in the US that started with only a couple of automated flows

With those flows, they were making a decent amount of revenue and it was on us to scale that further. We’ve identified their main opportunities and set off to apply our flow optimization framework and campaign sending strategies.
The results? – 5 months later, the revenue from email was more than DOUBLED. Want to learn how we did that? Keep reading…

Where they started - performance & setup

At the start, they already had a flow structure that was bringing them decent revenue.
Before our launch, in October they had a running abandoned cart, post purchase, browse abandonment, and win-back flows with 3-5 emails inside.
Campaigns were not sent and no tests were running in the flows, indicating their high potential for further improvements with email marketing. Their email was generating 25% of their overall revenue at the time, however, we knew they could do more, especially in Q4 when Black Friday was just around the corner…

What we did

We’ve been working with the brand for a long time now, and have done quite a lot since the start. Here are the main improvements we did:

Adding new flows

To further boost their automation structure we added many new flows such as Repeat Customer Post Purchase, Back in Stock, Nurture Series, Birthday flow, and more. Nowadays, these flows generate more than $10k on autopilot every month.

Planning, creating, and sending campaigns

We started sending campaigns twice a week on average. Each time, the frequency would depend on the period they are in and the performance we had. The themes of our campaigns would include sales, product announcements, blog announcements, holiday greetings, social media promotions, UGC (user generated content) requests, feedback requests, and review sharing emails.

For 1 year, our campaigns have generated over $300k for the client.

Running tests within their existing flows

To improve their already existing flows, we launched tests for the flow emails that had open and click rates lower than the average. Thus, over time, we managed to increase their revenue per email thanks to the multiple hypotheses we tested, some of which turned out to be really good!

Expanding their flows

Whenever we saw that an email flow performed well with all of its email inside, we would expand it, to leverage more of its potential.
Some of their flows had 3 emails at the beginning while nowadays they gave 10-15.
Nevertheless, we keep monitoring them to ensure the engagement rates are high and unsubscribe rates are low within those flows.

Splitting their flows

Another technique we applied to increase the efficiency of all flows was to split the flows into segmented branches that send different content to each type of recipient depending on the epoxy category they’ve engaged with. This significantly improved overall personalization and user experience, which also had an impact on the results we get!

Popup optimization

Finally, we started testing new variations of their website popups with the purpose of further improving their form submit rates.

This has helped the account generate more leads and eventually convert more sales thanks to the already improved welcome flow.


Throughout the months, their results have been growing until in April we managed to reach peak efficiency of their email marketing.
At one point, Klaviyo was reporting a 50% revenue contribution with 36% ($56 000) coming from their flows and 14% ($21 000) coming from their campaigns.
Throughout the next months, revenue contribution percentage would always vary in the range of 40% and 50% depending on the season and performance of other channels. Their campaigns always kept being sent and the flows kept being tested in the search for better performance.
Are you looking to get to reach the same numbers with your store? We’ll be happy to take a look and propose a list of improvements you can apply to increase your revenue. Just reach out to us to get started!