From $23k to $70k/Month in Email Revenue For a Store in Gardening - Here's How We Did It...

Farmers Defense specialize in selling protective garments for farmers. They were looking to increase their revenue from email marketing and have beautifully designed emails. 

Our implementations generated over $100,000 in revenue in just 3 months, scaling the business from 9% to 31% in email contribution. 

The client

Farmers Defense is an online store that excels in selling protective garments for farmers, who love to grow in comfort and style. Their founder, Jeremy, was annoyed with all the prickly plants that would irritate and scratch his skin. He decided to develop a solution to this pesky problem, which eventually became their flagship product – the Protection Sleeves

Ever since then, it’s the company’s mission to develop the best protective apparel and accessories for farmers, gardeners and outdoor workers. 

To aid them in this mission, the task of PROGS was to expand and optimize their flow structure, as well as to create immersive campaigns that would generate more revenue. 

When we came onboard, the store was generating 9% revenue from Klaviyo. After we implemented our strategies, that number went to 31% in 3 months, almost tripling their revenue from email. 

Read on to find out how we did it… 

The challenge

When we started, the store was generating 9% revenue from Klaviyo.

They had the initial Klaviyo flows set up in their account.
These included:  

  • Welcome series
  • Abandoned Checkout
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Customer Winback
  • Post-purchase
  • Browse Abandonment 

There was no pop-up form in Klaviyo collecting email subscribers, but they were using another platform to generate leads. 

They were frequently sending well designed campaigns. However, their open and click rates were around 10% and 2% respectively. 

Having in mind they had the Klaviyo account for roughly a year and a half by that time, we knew their potential was much bigger, so we set forth to make the revenue generated by Klaviyo at least 20% in the next 3 months.

Our strategy

Our strategy was simple: the client already had a solid structure of flows and a good campaign sending schedule. Our task was to tweak and improve their assets and create some minor changes that would see the account really take off.

Creating a pop-up and exit intent forms

Our first step was to create pop-up and exit intent forms in Klaviyo that would collect email subscribers directly.

Both forms started performing really well, generating close to 18,000 new subscribers in the first 3 months.

Introducing new Flows

To further expand their flow structure, we created 3 new flows: the Repeat Post Purchase Flow, the Site Abandonment Flow and the Back-In-Stock Flow. 

The idea behind these flows was to generate more leads and create further engagement between the client and their customers. After our initial implementations we further added a Nurture Series and a Sunset Flow to further capture all visitors from the website. 

Expanding and split-testing existing flows

Our real task was to expand and optimize the flow structure they had in place. 

We started split testing and branching off most flows to test different offers and create a more catered experience for customers.

We optimized the flows by adding new filters to them so they don’t overlap and inundate customers with too many emails. Testing new offers and verifying the domain really saw the results we were looking for. 

Sending campaigns 2-3 times a week

Finally, we kept with the initial plan of the client to send campaigns more frequently, 2-3 times a week. 

These emails would include sales, promotions, product promos, blog announcements, and the more personal “letters from the founder”. In addition, we excluded all suppressed profiles from the engagement segments to boost open and click rates.


3 months later we could see our hard work pay off – the account was reaching 31% revenue contribution from Klaviyo, exceeding our initial 20% aim.

We almost doubled the conversion rates that were attributed to Klaviyo. For the 3 months period before we came onboard, their conversions were almost $60,000:

After our implementations, the percentage increase in revenue more than doubled. 

Overall, the account saw some great improvements and we continue to optimize and use different strategies to get the most out of it. After the initial 3 months, their KPIs would float around the 30% mark, depending on the season and performance of our channels. We continue to strive for excellence on every level.

Let’s work together

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