How To: Post Purchase Flows

Post-Purchase Flow – What You Need to Know What is the Post Purchase flow and how significant is it?Recognized not just by email marketers, but also by regular users, Post Purchase flows are essential when it comes to building loyalty and brand image. What makes Post Purchase flows so important is the fact that they […]

The Newest Klaviyo Feature…

Tonight Klaviyo announced a brand new feature revealing anything about it prior to the launch. From today on, you can go to the account settings (click on your company name on the top right corner and select “account”) and enable Klaviyo pigeon post! What it is and how does it work? Pigeon post-delivery is a […]

Welcome Email Flows – What, How, and Why? 

Welcome Email Flows

What are welcome flows? The essential. The most important. The most impactful. The most welcoming. That’s how the welcome flow can be summarized. In simple terms, the welcome flow is the sequence of emails sent after a user has submitted their email through one of your email capturing forms (e.g. popup forms, footer forms, quiz, […]

The ULTIMATE Guide to Automated Email Flows 

Skyrocket your flows!

Email Flows – All You Need to Know to SKYROCKET Your Revenue “While You Sleep“ Flows – what they are Flows, “automations”, sequences, “journeys”, call them whatever you want, are often THE MOST significant element of email marketing for many stores worldwide. We prefer to use the term “flows” as it is the one used […]

iOS 15 Impacts on Email Marketing – What You REALLY Need To Know…

3. Yet, DON’T forget open rates – here’s why…  While Apple devices will be causing inflated open rates, all non-Apple devices are still like they’ve always been – with some open tracking handicaps, but still giving generally reliable results. What that means is that we can preserve our previous approach when it comes to analyzing […]